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Zelf Varen Breda

Discover the beauty of Breda from the water


Sailing the canals of Breda yourself

On a sunny day discover the beauty of Breda from the water. The Breda Singels  (canals) offer an excellent opportunity for an amazing boat trip for you along with your friends or the whole family. It’s up to you to decide to go for the trip with a skipper or appoint yourself captain.

After a short briefing you will sail your own boat for 2 hours. The boats are easy to steer and you will have a beautiful view over the historical attractions and nature. When are you coming to enjoy the wonderful Breda Singels?

Two hours self-sailing from € 65.




Our boats

Our boats range from 7 to 10 persons capacity enabling you discover the Breda Singels in a very relaxed way! Besides, you don’t even need a boating license for it.

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Unique journey

Sail yourself across the Breda Singels along ‘t Spanjaardsgat, the Valkenbergpark, the Koepelgevangenis (prison) and many other places of interest and be surprised by all beautiful attractions Breda offers from the water.

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BAAI Breda

BAAI is the very hotspot and starting point of your journey. It is a wonderful place on the water where you can enjoy a delicious snack and/or drink both before and after sailing.

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Welcome to Zelf Varen Breda

Zelf Varen Breda is one of the fine labels of Groepsuitjes (Group Outings) Breda. It started in 2008 with the organization of a group sailing through the Breda Singels  and now we really are a household name in the area. Discover the Breda canals in a real relaxed way during a self-sailing trip and combine it with tasty snacks and drinks on board while enjoying the outdoor life.


Our route

During your Self Sailing trip across the Breda Singels you will experience a fantastic combination of beautiful attractions like ‘t Spanjaardsgat, ‘t Kasteel (Castle) of Breda, the Koepelgevangenis (prison) and, not in the least, the magnificent Valkenburgpark. Halfway you will make a small detour towards the Mark, a small river, where the canal is quite narrow and its surroundings greener!