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About us

Zelf Varen Breda is one of the fine labels of Groepsuitjes Breda. It started in 2008 with the organisation of group sailing through the Breda SingelsĀ  and now we really are a household name in the area. Discover the Breda canals in a real relaxed way during a self-sailing trip and combine it with tasty snacks and drinks on board while enjoying the outdoor life.


Departure location BAAI

Start your Self Sailing Journey at our beautiful hosting location BAAI Breda.

The very spot to enjoy a snack and drink and not in the least the place to extend your day out with a BBQ, drink or an attractive activity!

Bootje Varen 2

Bootje Varen Breda (Sailing Breda)

With the luxury boats of Bootje varen Breda, we organize beautiful round trips through Breda.

During the trip you will enjoy being together, a wealth of attractions and, if desired, a delightful onboard package.


Complete your day

Enjoy Self Sailing the Breda Singels. While making your reservation you can easily add snacks and drinks and we’ll put them on board for you.

Enjoy a delightful picnic basket and complete your day with a BBQ!