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Rates and Boats

Self-Sailing with us can be done in a variation of boats of different sizes. At the moment we have a fleet of 11 boats available for the Self Sailing activities. We have boats available for up to 6 and boats for a maximum of 10 passengers.

Please note we require a deposit of € 100 on our electric 6 persons dinghies, At the quay this amount can only be paid by card. After the trip, when there is no damage to the boat, the amount will be refunded.


Whaly 6-persons boat

Most of thew Self Sailing trips will be made on a Whaly sloop of which we presently have 9 pieces available. These boats are perfectly suitable for smaller groups or families and can accommodate 6 people.

These small agile boats are made to take to the Breda waters in a small group. They can be booked online and can sail in different shifts.

Full rate 2 hours: € 85.- per sloop

Sailing with discount: € 65.- per sloop


Luxury 10-passenger boat

in addition to the 10-person boats, we also have larger boats available. Our Riviera boat offers more space and is Diesel driven.

These luxury boats can accommodate up to 10 people. Do you prefer some more comfort during your trip then one of these Riviera boats is a real recommendation.

2 hours rate: € 169.50 per boat


Luxury boat with skipper

More people to join your trip? Then check us out at Bootje Varen Breda (Breda Boat Sailing). Here we offer you a selection of various types of luxury boats suitable for groups of 10 up to 50 people per 1 boat.

These journeys can be upgraded with a variety of luxury package deals ranging from BBQs to luncheons and from appetizers to snacks on board. The boats are always sailed by experienced skippers and are fun to enjoy in the company of family, friends or colleagues!

2 hours rate as of € 32.50 per person.

Elektrische zelfvaren sloep 5

Durable boats

Discover the charming city of Breda from the water and leave all your worries behind! Get on board our new luxury electric boats and cruise the beautiful Breda Singels in style. The perfect combination of luxury and durability for a carefree boating experience, specially designed for comfortable cruising with 6 or 8 people.

Our luxury boats are easy to drive and completely silent. Embrace the future of boating, where comfort, class and durability come together.

Available as of 1st of April

Full rate 2-hours 6-person boat: € 92.50 per boat

Sailing with discount: € 85.- per boat

Full rate 2 hours 8-person boat: € 149.50 per boat